Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the soap work?

Our soaps ranges from exfoliating body soaps to dark spot removing cleansers. Our exfoliating body soap acts acts as a great source of deep cleansing as it has tiny scrub like particles that removes dirt from the skin. It is also oil extract that aims to nourish you skin as the dirt is extracted and leaves your skin better than before. 

How Long Does the Soap last?

How long the soap lasts depends on the sizes and how often it is used. It also depends on how the soap is kept once open. Soap should be kept in a dry area which allows it to drain properly after use.

Can this be used on all skin types ?

Our products are made with natural products. Our scrub soap has a exfoliating factor that is not recommended to all. This is a matter of preference. Our butter cream is creamy and smooth and thus, will moisturize all skin types. Please check Ingredients to check for allergies prior to use.